Diver: Site Distribution

A browse through the various AA Brigade War Diaries shows as many as 138 sites may have been planned for the Diver Gun Strip in Suffolk alone (66 HAA sites and 72 LAA / Welter / Intermediate sites). Many were never occupied and some are not fully documented with a gird reference (e.g. Lowestoft sites LH6-LH10 and LD1). Some War Diaries record a site moving location in October only for the grid reference for the site to be exactly the same at the end of November! This makes it extremely difficult to come up with a meaningful picture of the deployment, and the approach taken by Dobinson to plot the sites at the end of November when all the reorganizations etc. had settled down is certainly the best. Dobinson has identified 74 sites in the Gun Strip as at Nov 24th.



































    Above left: Direction of attack on London from air launched

    flying bombs, illustrating why the Primary Bearing for guns

    in Suffolk was 45 deg.

    Right - Plot of HAA / LAA sites in the Diver Gun Strip, Nov 24th

    (taken from Dobinson)












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