Minsmere Bty

232 Coast Battery was established on 7th March 1941. It was sited on the south end of Minsmere Cliffs. Personnel were to be drawn from other Coast Batteries. The advance party of arrived on 19th March. The Battery at first drew rations from 409 Coast Battery (Dunwich). Accommodation was in huts .
















































          Above: Minsmere battery just after the end of the war- note RDF tower and anti-tank cubes.


Work started on the battery with holes dug for the two 6” guns and the holdfasts were embedded by April 5th (bed dimensions were 15’6” X 15’6” x 4’). Holdfasts were secured by 20 bolts (3’9” long).  The guns were placed in position by L.N.E. Railway Company, being transported to site in lorries and mounted using tackle and staging. This was completed on April 21st.


Temporary CASL’s (AA Searchlights Mk 5) were also in place by April 21st. Work began on concrete roofs for the guns during June with work on No 1 gun first. The gun was boarded up to allow the cement roof to be constructed and would take two hours to bring into action but when the cement was applied it would be out of action for 10 days. When this was completed the same process was carried out on No 2 gun.  This was completed by the end of July.


A Battery Observation Post was constructed as an extension to the Coastguard Cottages.


It was noted that poles used for camouflage obstructed the guns, with a delay of one hour before the guns could be bought into action. Permanent positions for the CASL’s were not completed until the end of the year.


One tragic incident occurred on 15th Jun 1941 when L/Bdr. Ree was killed by stepping on a mine in a restricted area.


Technical Details:


Guns – two 6” Mk IX  on mountings P.V*




















     Observation Post, Minsmere Battery                                                                             Spigot Mortar base (recently infilled), with engine room in background






















                                                                      Engine room, now used as a hide      





232 Coast Battery papers, TNA                                                              


observationpost spigot2 engineroom dunwich