Landguard Right Hand Bty

The Battery is constructed on a bank made up of earth and shingle.  To lay the foundations, the bank was dug to a depth of about 20’ and a 4’ concrete raft constructed in the excavation. On the raft, a series of concrete pillars were constructed, the gaps between them filled with shingle and over the whole was placed a concrete floor on which the emplacements were built.  The battery faces south-east and was provided with cover form reverse fire.


The position of the battery was such that it effectively commanded the approach to Harwich Harbour from a bearing of 50° to 210°.


Work was began on Landguard Right Hand Battery in 1898 and completed in 1900. Armament consisted of two 6” guns and one 10” gun.  The 10” gun was reduced in 1907. During the Great War, the battery was fully manned day and night but never saw action.


During mobilisation of the T.A. in 1939, the Battery was garrisoned by 166 Heavy Battery R.A. (T.A.). Armament still consisted of two 6” guns. The Battery underwent a period of rapid expansion, with concrete gun houses, a new BOP and new search light positions constructed during May – October 1940. The initial roles of the Battery were close defence and Examination Battery.



Right: 6" gun at Landguard Right Hand Battery on mobilisation, 1939

















During 1942 it was decided to upgrade the Battery to a three gun Mk. XXIV 6” 45° battery. New emplacements were constructed for the guns but only two 6” 45° equipments were ever installed. These new equipments gave the battery an additional role of Counter-bombardment.































                             Above: War time plan of Landguard Right Hand Battery


The Battery was provided with Coastal Artillery No. 1 Mk. III radar set mounted on a 60 ft tower during 1944.  The 6” guns had reached the last quarter of their life in February 1945 and were replaced with two new 6” Mk. XXIV guns. The Battery was placed into Care and Maintenance during February 1945.


Equipment (as at 1945)

Guns – two 6” Mk.XXIV on Mk.VI mountings

Rangefinders  – D.R.F. Mk.V;  P.F “T” Mk. IIA;  Radar C.A. No. 1 Mk.III

Searchlights – 90cm motor controlled projector  H.C.D S/L Lamp with moveable concentrated beam

Power – two Ruston 4-cylinder 120 B.H.P engines supplying 80kw each.

6 inch felixstowe Land RH Bty Plan